Student Groups

The School of Nursing encourages students to define their leadership skills, foster student engagement and provide opportunities for all students to connect through interest topics. These student organizations are registered through the University of Minnesota's Student Union and Activities office and provide students ways to connect outside the classroom: 

The Minnesota Nursing Student Board (MNSB) is the University of Minnesota's chapter of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA). MNSB serves undergraduate students in the Twin Cities and Rochester locations. Their goals are to:

  • represent the undergraduate student body and serve as a communication link between the Twin Cities and Rochester locations, the School of Nursing, and the University of Minnesota;
  • organize professional, educational, and social events for the School of Nursing undergraduate student body;
  • serve as a means of promoting and supporting student participation in the affairs of the School of Nursing, related student organizations, the National Student Nurses Association, and the University of Minnesota;
  • support the goals, objectives, and philosophies of the University of Minnesota School of Nursing undergraduate students.

The Graduate Nursing Student Council (GNSC), formerly known as the Master of Nursing Student Council, is geared toward any Master of Nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice students. The GNSC's goals are to:

  • provide learning opportunities for graduate nursing students by facilitating interactions with nursing professionals;
  • foster relationships between graduate nursing students through mentorship and collaboration;
  • plan social events among graduate nursing students to develop a spirit of inclusivity, camaraderie, and unity;
  • develop opportunities for community outreach.

If School of Nursing students are interested in starting an organization, they can contact the Office of Student and Career Advancement Services at to help guide them through the process.

Contact Us

MNSB Leadership:

Claire Sherman (Twin Cities) and Isabelle Fobbe (Rochester) - Presidents and

GNSC Leadership:

Kendra Noble (through December 2020) - President

To start a new organization contact:

Office of Student & Career Advancement Services

Office Location:
2-139 Weaver-Densford Hall

Phone: 612-625-7980