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Endowed Faculty Positions

Leadership and excellence has defined the School of Nursing for over 100 years. Endowments for faculty positions are critical for the School to attract and retain outstanding researchers and educators. The 21st century will present unprecedented opportunities for nursing. Yet, an un-paralleled faculty shortage impacts our ability to prepare future nurse clinicians, educators and scientists. Your support of endowed chairs and professorships helps the School of Nursing recruit and sustain dynamic teaching faculty.

Endowment Funds may be recognized in name of the donor, or as tribute to the memory or honor of person(s) of the donor’s choice.

Endowed Naming Opportunities

Endowed Faculty Chair $2,000,000
Endowed Faculty Professorship $1,000,000

If you would like to discuss endowed funds, please contact Senior Development Officer John Kilbride, 612-624-2428 or

Student Scholarships and Fellowships

Scholarships and Fellowships are essential to support students who need assistance financing their education. Gifts to scholarships and fellowships make it possible for the School of Nursing to attract promising students and ease the burden of tuition. Many scholarship and fellowship funds are available.

List of Scholarships

List of Fellowships

A list of fellowships is available from Senior Development Officer John Kilbride, 612-624-2428 or

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