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The Center for Nursing Informatics leads the discovery, application, and cutting edge thinking for nursing and health informatics scholarship to improve the health of individuals and communities.


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Improving the health of individuals and communities through nursing informatics The Center for Nursing Informatics provides a scholarly home within the University of Minnesota for:

  • Nursing and Interprofessional informatics research teams
  • Networking and scholarship opportunities for professional, undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate nursing informaticians
  • Engagement with local, national, and international informatics partners
  • Applying nursing and health informatics knowledge to improve health and health care

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Professor Karen Monsen

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Karen A. Monsen

Connie White Delaney

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Nursing Knowledge: Big Data Science Conference

The Center for Nursing Informatics is an International Classification of Nursing Practice Research and Development Center, recognized by the International Council of Nursing (ICN) since 2007.

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