Mentor Program Overview

There are 2 mentoring programs at the School of Nursing: An annual evening event at both Twin Cities and Rochester campuses (Speed Mentoring) and an 11 month commitment mentoring program.

Speed Mentoring

Speed Mentoring connects alumni of the School of Nursing with current students for an evening of interaction and learning about the many paths a nursing career can take you.

Nurse mentors with similar professional experience are paired and talk with a few students at a time for about 12 minutes. A bell will ring and the students will move to the next table of mentors to learn/ask questions about another field of nursing. It’s simple and fun! Come prepared to talk about your career, area of practice and to answer questions from the students. No need for power point presentations or fancy speeches. At the end of the evening, students will have an opportunity to follow up with mentors of their choice for e-mail conversations, career advice or perhaps even shadowing experiences.

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New Graduate Mentoring

This program is designed for recent graduates from the Bachelor of Science (BSN) and Master of Nursing (MN) programs who wish to receive support from School of Nursing alumni as they transition from student nurses to professional nursing. Interested students are matched with mentors based on personal and professional interest, similar educational backgrounds, as well as future career and educational goals. This program allows new nurses to talk openly about the NCLEX, career exploration, networking, emotional support, career goals and interests, and professional skill development.

The program begins in May for the BSN seniors and December for the MN seniors with a kick-off event that provides an opportunity for students and mentors to meet for the first time and receive instructions to help them navigate through the program together. The program runs for approximately 11 months where a number of social events are hosted to promote meaningful conversations and fostering professional relationships between the pair. Mentoring pairs decide how often they will meet or talk and what types of conversations and activities they will engage in together. We recommended connecting at least once per month but ultimately it is up to the pair to discuss and decide.

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"This program has allowed me to see beyond just bedside nursing to using my degree outside of the hospital."

New graduate mentoring

April 9- Event canceled

The Alumni Board is hosting a mentor-mentee gathering called New Graduate Mentoring. It's a great way to reengage with students and alumni for career sharing.

This event is an opportunity for current students to mingle with potential mentors. This will allow for organic relationships to form based on current interests. At the end of the event, you will have had the opportunity to have connected with multiple people as well as exchanged contact information should you wish to reach out to them for further contact.