Our Facilities

Transforming Nursing Education

In 2013, a new 11,000 square foot learning simulation environment opened for nursing education, research and professional development in Weaver-Densford Hall. The center is designed to reflect the future of health care delivery and nursing science. It includes:

  • State-of-the-art technology: Sophisticated high-tech facilities, integration of electronic health records and use of supportive technologies including mobile records systems and telehealth technology. Thirty-eight cameras make possible the observation, recording and review of simulations and exercises.
  • Simulated environments that span the continuum of care: including acute, critical, surgical, skilled, ambulatory and home care settings.
  • Four-times more space: Designed for optimal team education and training experiences involving a range of health care professionals. The space was carefully planned by an inter-professional team for optimal training and education.
  • Opportunities for the health care community: The School of Nursing welcomes community collaboration. Organizations may use the facility to simulate large-scale scenarios for training of hospital or community staff. Other organizations may be more interested in research, development and testing of products and processes in a contemporary health care environment.