MN to DNP Direct Admission

Receive admission to the Master of Nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice programs simultaneously

The Master of Nursing is a gateway into the nursing field that can take you through various avenues in clinical nursing, teaching and research. If you already know that your long-term plan is to enter the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program, you may apply to both the Master of Nursing and one of five Doctor of Nursing Practice program specialties with a single application. If successful, you may be accepted into both programs at one time.

MN applicants can choose from the following specialties for direct admission:

  • Health Innovation and Leadership
  • Adult Health/Gerontological Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Nursing Informatics
  • Nurse Midwifery

If accepted, you will move seamlessly from your December completion of the 16-month MN program into the DNP program the following fall semester. DNP students enrolled full time typically complete the DNP program in three years.

Getting started

To apply for this opportunity, check the box indicating your specialty of interest in the “Questions” tab of your NursingCAS application to the MN program. If selected for the MN interview process, you may be invited to also participate in an additional interview with the faculty of that DNP specialty. Note: Checking this box will not affect eligibility for acceptance into the MN program.

Successful applicants for the MN to DNP direct admission typically have additional documentation of related background and experiences in that specialty area.

Note: Applicants selected to the MN program, but not offered direct admission to the DNP specialty immediately, are encouraged to apply to the DNP program in future application cycles.

Successful completion of the MN program is required for continuation to the DNP Program in the fall semester following completion of the Master of Nursing program.