BSN NursingCAS Application Instructions

All applicants (no matter what institution you have attended) will submit a BSN transfer program application via NursingCAS. NursingCAS is the online, centralized application service for nursing programs across the country. The University of Minnesota utilizes NursingCAS for their BSN transfer admissions process.

Here are some helpful tips before starting your application:

  • Apply early! All materials must be submitted to NursingCAS and applications must be complete and verified by the application deadline for consideration. It takes 4-6 weeks for NursingCAS to receive and verify your transcripts and calculate GPAs. Please take this into consideration for meeting deadlines.
  • Keep these instructions available when completing your NursingCAS application. These instructions will be helpful in order not to miss a step or miss submitting required information.
  • All applicants are required to submit a new application every year. 
  • Follow the guidelines for the University of Minnesota requirements and note that your application will not be considered until ALL elements listed below are completed, submitted, and verified through NursingCAS.
  • You should monitor your NursingCAS application portal weekly for completion of tasks such as your transcripts and recommendations. Notifications regarding your application will only be sent through your NursingCAS portal, and it is your responsibility to be checking and taking action on necessary tasks.

Five easy steps to start your NursingCAS application:

  1. Visit
  2. Click Apply Here
  3. Click on Create Account to complete the required fields
  4. You will be directed to select the program to which you want to apply. Search for University of Minnesota and then select Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Transfer Students. 
  5. Proceed to Review My Selections and then continue your application.

NursingCAS Application Sections

On the My Application dashboard, you will be able to complete the four application sections:

  1. Personal Information
  2. Academic History
  3. Supporting Information
  4. Program Materials

Each section will ask for multiple pieces of applicant information; please follow the directions below carefully for the University of Minnesota requirements.

Helpful Hint: At any point, to return to the My Application page, simply click on the red and navy blue NursingCAS logo in the upper left corner.

Personal Information Section

You will need to thoroughly complete all seven areas of the personal information section. They include:

  1. Release Statement
  2. Biographic Information
  3. Contact Information
  4. Citizenship Information
  5. Family Information
  6. Race & Ethnicity
  7. Other Information

Academic History Section

There are five sections in the Academic History section. Two (possibly three) of the five sections are required:

  1. High School(s) Attended (Not Required)
  2. College(s) Attended
  3. Transcript Entry
  4. Standardized Tests (Required If Applicable)
  5. Diploma in Nursing (Not Required)

Colleges Attended

Colleges Attended

Please follow the instructions provided by NursingCAS to add colleges. Official transcripts are required for the University of Minnesota. Please download a Transcript Request Form for each college, and submit the form to your Registrar. Applicants must submit official transcripts from all institutions attended (including the University of Minnesota system schools). Transcripts sent directly to the School of Nursing will not be accepted.

Please Note: Transcripts sent to NursingCAS as part of your BSN application will be shared with the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Office of Undergraduate Admissions. You do not need to send a second set of official transcripts to their office as part of your transfer application.

Transcript Entry

Transcript Entry

In this section, you will be prompted to complete your coursework entry. The University of Minnesota requires prerequisite coursework entry. You need to account for all six required prerequisites, whether they are completed, in progress, or you plan to take them. You also should enter course information for any of the optional prerequisites you may have taken.

Once your prerequisite coursework has been entered, you will be prompted to review and finalize your transcripts. Please review your coursework entry very carefully, as it cannot be edited once you submit your application. Failure to properly enter your coursework can result in a delay of transcript verification.

Helpful Hint: Having your unofficial transcript(s) handy when completing this section can make the process quicker and easier.

Please Note: In the Program Materials section, you will be connecting/matching the prerequisite courses you are entering in this section with those required for the BSN program. Please see that section's instructions below for more details.

Standardized Tests

Standardized Tests

The Standardized Test section is required if (1) English is not your native language; and (2) you have lived in the US fewer than 8 years at the time of enrollment in the School of Nursing (by the first day of fall semester).

If you are required to demonstrate English language proficiency given the eligibility requirements above, then you must submit either TOEFL or IELTS test scores. Test scores must be submitted to the U of M Twin Cities Office of Undergraduate Admissions at the time of application.

Minimum scores in the following exams are required to demonstrate English language proficiency:

TOEFL (U of M institution code is 6874):  240 on the computerized version, 95 on the web version (iBT), or 586 on the paper version

TEAS: The TEAS exam is NOT required for admission.
HESI: The HESI exam is NOT required for admission.

Supporting Information Section

There are four sections within Supporting Information. Many of them are optional or not required. 

  1. References (not required or accepted for this application)
  2. Achievements (optional) - we encourage you to list all honors and awards on your resume.
  3. Experiences (optional) - we encourage you to list all experiences and employment on your resume.
  4. Licensure and Certifications (if applicable) - please use this section to enter all licensures and certifications. Examples might include LPN or CNA licensure or doula certification.

Program Materials Section

This section directs you to complete program-specific requirements:

  1. Documents
  2. Questions
  3. Prerequisites



There are two required documents in this section that you will upload in the NursingCAS application:

  1. Resume: Please upload your most current resume. Your resume sections/content could include - education (colleges attended); employment history; volunteer experiences, trainings, leadership experiences, certifications, or anything else which will help showcase your previous experiences.

  2. Essay Reponses: There are two essay prompts in which all applicants need to respond.
    • What led you to pursue a degree in nursing? How have your academics, activities, and/or work experiences prepared you for a future career in nursing?

    • Describe how you bring a diverse perspective that honors inclusivity and diversity to our BSN program and the nursing profession. 



There are specific questions that are required for the University of Minnesota BSN transfer application. These questions are different from the essay responses in the Documents section. These questions are quick response and do not require an additional document.



This section ensures you have the necessary requirements for the BSN prerequisites - five of the six prerequisites completed or in-progress and at least one physical science prerequisite course is completed. In this section you will indicate which courses you previously entered in the Transcript Entry section connect to the specific prerequisites. You also can choose to not select a course for that prerequisite. Make sure to read through the description of the prerequisite and select the courses that best match the description, even if it is Planned/In Progress. If you have chosen to complete (or will complete) any of our optional prerequisites, you will want to match those courses in this section as well.