Distinguished Alumni Humanitarian Award


This award honors a School of Nursing graduate for exceptional humanitarian service in a healthcare environment. Nominee must excel in at least two of the following:

  1. Nominee goes beyond the excellence expected of our U of MN nursing graduates through demonstrated leadership in: a) the assessment/alleviation of significant health care problem(s), b) development and/or implementation of an innovation in health care delivery or, c) leadership in inter-professional work that addresses a significant health problem. 
  2. Performs extraordinary altruistic and humanitarian healthcare service.
  3. Changes/saves lives through holistic care efforts.
  4. Makes a meaningful difference in the world through sustained leadership in focusing nursing actions on societal health care concerns.
  5. Provides distinguished service that brings honor to the nursing profession, the School of Nursing and the University


Eligible individuals are graduates of the School of Nursing  

Nomination Process

  1. Complete the nomination form
  2. Attach nominee’s current curriculum vitae
  3. Letter from primary nominator to include reasons for nominating this individual and addressing the nominee’s activities related to stated criteria.
  4. Additional letter(s) should be one page and may be from colleagues of the nominee, faculty members or an alumni knowledgeable regarding nominee’s achievements.
  5. Send completed nomination materials to Barbara Mullikin at westr073@umn.edu.
  6. The School of Nursing Alumni Awards Committee will review the nominations and select an awardee.

Description of Award

Recipient will receive a certificate presented at the School of Nursing annual spring reunion.

For questions or more information, contact Barb Mullikin at westr073@ummn.edu.

Past Recipients


Sue Strohschein


Donna Wright


Scott Harpin


Rosemary Fister


Molly Secor-Turner 


Jeanne Howell


Delores Johnson Huanca



Michael Bleich


Cheryl Robertson


Marilyne Gustafson


Sarah Gutknecht
Janis Ollwerther
Carol Pederson (posthumous)