Boy in vegetable section of grocery store

Program targets child obesity in rural Minnesota

(Oct. 31, 2016) Children in rural communities are particularly at risk for obesity. Professor Jayne Fulkerson is launching a program in New Ulm, Minnesota to boost healthy eating habits with a $3.3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health.
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Corjena Cheung in front of yoga class

Stretching the symptoms away 

(Oct. 31, 2016) Can yoga help manage Parkinson’s disease? School of Nursing researcher Corjena Cheung is investigating how this ancient philosophy can be used for treatment.
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Woman in cornfield

Pain on the prairie

(Oct. 31, 2016) When it hurts to walk, patients and providers too often overlook testing for peripheral artery disease. Prof. Diane Treat-Jacobson hopes to change that by leading an initiative in rural Minnesota to raise awareness about PAD.
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(Oct. 15, 2016) It’s a long road from tending tobacco fields in North Carolina to being named one of the 350 women who changed the world by Working Women magazine, but General Clara Adams-Ender has always defied convention.
(Nov. 10, 2016) After serving overseas as an IT technician on the USS Ross, Karl Gores found his calling in nursing and is currently enrolled in our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.
(Reuters, Nov. 1, 2016) Parents may be too busy to cook family dinners, but that isn’t the only reason they turn to microwaveable frozen meals. Parents can often feel unable to prepare foods on their own that their families will like as much as prepackaged dinners.
(July 5, 2016) Home isn’t just where the heart is; home is also where your meals are. Healthy meal and snacking habits at home could be building blocks for battling childhood obesity.

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