Frequently Asked Questions

How will Research Day work this year?

This year's Nursing Research Day will be an online event hosted on a closed/private Google website using Zoom.  In order to attend you must pre-register for Research Day.  Same day or “walk-in” registration cannot be accommodated.  Registered attendees will be emailed the link to the conference Google website prior to April 16.

The Research Day Google website’s main page outlines the day’s events and provides Zoom links to each session (see example below).  Simply click on the session’s Zoom link to join the Zoom.  The day will be a mixture of Zoom meetings, webinars and breakout rooms that will include live and pre-recorded events.

Why are some of the presentations pre-recorded?

The decision was made to pre-record oral presentations to reduce the possibility of technical glitches and to help keep the conference sessions on time and coordinated.  Every session includes a “live” component, typically Q&A or discussion.


I missed a session.  Can I access presentations after Research Day?  

The keynote presentation will be posted on the School of Nursing webpage, but all other presentations are only available on Research Day through the Google website.


I am only interested in attending a poster session.  Do I still need to register?

Yes.  Only by pre-registering will you be able to access the Research Day Google website on April 16.  We are happy to have you join us for the poster session.  Be sure to download and install the most current desktop client version of Zoom so you can navigate to the poster session breakout rooms.  We do not recommend using your phone to join the Zoom breakout rooms or a Zoom browser extension/web client.


This is my first virtual conference.  Any suggestions or tips?

  • Tech check.  We will be using Zoom (confirm that you can successfully join a test Zoom meeting)..  

    • Do NOT access Zoom via the web browser.  We strongly encourage you to join us using the Zoom desktop client (i.e., install the program on your computer).  This will provide the optimal experience and allow you to move freely from Zoom to Zoom.

    • Double-check that you have the most current version Zoom installed on your computer.  This is essential to navigating the Zoom breakout rooms.

    • We suggest that you join the Zoom a few minutes early and take the time to explore the various options within Zoom.  Those options will vary by the interface (i.e., Zoom meetings don’t offer the same ‘tools’ as Zoom webinars).  But explore.  Do you see how to “chat”?  Turn on closed captioning?  Is there an option to raise your hand? etc.

    • Check your sound.  Earbud microphones typically provide better sound quality than what is available from a typical computer.

    • Double-check your video/web camera.  Even if you aren’t presenting, a friendly face in the breakout rooms can add to the experience for all.  Consider keeping your video on during the breakouts.

    • Experiencing Zoom fatigue?  Turning off your Zoom image from yourself (others can still see you) is an option.

  • On April 16, make the time to actually participate in the Research Day versus passively watching or multi-taking.  Give the conference your full attention.

Be sure to explore the poster listings before Research Day (Morning posters & Afternoon posters).   The listing includes links to poster PDFs and audio files that provide you with a ‘sneak peak’ at the posters.  Reviewing the poster options will help you select/navigate the poster breakout sessions on Research Day.