Research Day 2020: Event canceled

Mcnamara Alumni Center

Celebrating the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife: Care and Caregiving in a Complex World

While the in-person Midwest Nursing Research Society (MNRS) conference and Research Day couldn't take place because of the COVID-19 pandemic, students still had an opportunity to present their posters on research topics. More than two dozen students created voice thread presentations to showcase their posters. 

2020 Midwest Nursing Research Society (MNRS) Student Poster Competitors

The Role of Community in Promoting Healthy Cooking and Eating Behaviors for Customers of the Twin Cities Mobile Market by Bonnie Alver, MN student
   *1st place in MN Student Category at MNRS

A Predictive Model for Developing Long-Term Opioid Use After Neurosurgery and Orthopedic Surgery by Blaire Bremel, BSN student
   *Honorable Mention in BSN Student Category at MNRS

Association Between Family Stroke History and Personal Stroke Risk Score: A Community Survey by Jane Claeys, BSN student 
  *1st place in BSN Student Category at MNRS

Depressive Symptoms, Caregiving Development, and Parental Agency Among Fathers of Infants Prenatally Diagnosed with Life-Threatening Major Anomalies by Sophie Chen, BSN student

The Relationship between Social Connectedness and Report of Health Conditions and Fruit and Vegetable Intake and Older Adult Mobile Market Customers by Allison Krueger, MN student 

Exploration of Nursing Roles in Healthcare Technology Development and Innovation by Kelly Landsman, MN student

Delivery Of Survivorship Care Plans To Head And Neck Cancer Survivors And Their Primary Care Providers by Lucinda Getz Jolstad, DNP student

Improving Nutrition Curriculum for the CLiMB (“I Care and Love My Body”) Program: A Wellness Program for Islamic Women at the Pearls Of Hope Community Center by Allison Pratt, DNP student

Standardizing Breast Cancer Screening and Education in a Community Reproductive Health Clinic: A Quality Improvement Project by Megan Uter, DNP student

Frailty and Social Determinants Of Health: A Replication and Pattern Validation Study by Sheng-Chieh (Jay) Lu, PhD student

Urban, Low-Income, African American Well-Child Care: Parent Experiences and Expectations by Kara Koschmann, PhD student

QoL on a Stick: A Snapshot of Adolescent Well-Being at The Minnesota State Fair by Tipper Gallagher, PhD student

Students invited to prepare and present a poster for Nursing Research Day 2020

Safeguarding the Hospice Electronic Health Record by Moe Norton-Westbrook, DNP student

Sniff Away Stress: The Potential Antianxiety Benefits to Preoperative Aromatherapy by Natalie Stopfer, BSN student 


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