For Nursing Educators

Today’s nurse educators are challenged to ensure each student attains the competencies they will need to serve patients in a dynamic and highly technical health system. The University of Minnesota partners with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing to build the competencies of nursing schools across the country, helping them integrate new curricula to meet national standards for nursing informatics education. 

For your school or training program

Customized on-site workshops: state of the art, on-site workshops customized to your school’s needs. Past workshops include:

Nursing Informatics Deep Dive Workshop

Recognizing the growing impact of information technology on the delivery of care, professional nursing organizations have established standards for nursing informatics to assist faculty integrate them into program curriculums. This day long on-site workshop will help you understand and integrate these standards with a recommended curriculum and suggested methods, tools, and learning resources to teach them.

Analytics, Big Data and Partnerships

The formation of large electronic repositories of health care data, often referred to in the media as, “big data” has provided health systems with tremendous opportunities, but in the face of enormous challenges. This one day, on-site workshop will unlock the mysteries of big data and provide nurse educators and health professionals with what they need to know in this emerging field.

Standardized Nursing Languages

The representation of nursing knowledge through standardized languages is rapidly emerging as a key strategy to share and compare nursing outcomes across systems. This workshop will explore the various nursing languages such as SNOMED-CT, LOINC, and the Omaha System and their role in clinical documentation and health information exchange through electronic health records.

Online teaching resources

A wide range of tools for nurse educators including presentations and teaching guides.

For individual nurse educators

A free online course for nurse educators with little experience in teaching nursing informatics provides an introduction to computer basics (word processing, spreadsheets, operating systems), a framework to teach informatics including essential concepts such as clinical decision support, standardized nursing languages, electronic health records, workflow analysis, consumer informatics and mobile health.

This course provides advanced training to educators interested in becoming proficient in nursing informatics education. This seven-course certificate program is aimed at schools who want to develop faculty experts in nursing informatics.