Degree Programs

Degree Programs

For those who wish to combine their nursing experience with health IT to expand their impact on health outcomes.

A focus on big data research: For those with a desire to understand and harness big data for discovering patterns and correlations leading to breakthrough health discoveries.


For those wanting to lead the successful deployment and management of a health IT system. 

Professional Development

This is an online continuing education course to teach essential knowledge about the role of the telehealth nurse presenter.

This course examines the implications of informatics for practice, including nursing, public health, and health care in general. It will discuss electronic health record issues and relate ethical and political issues of informatics.

Participants identify a project in their own organization and develop an action plan to engage patients in accessing their health information for shared decision-making with their health care providers.

Jason Fratzke

Meet Jason Fratzke, PhD in Nursing; Chief Nursing Informatics Officer, Mayo Clinic