For DNP Specialty Preceptors

For preceptors supporting specialties of the post-baccalaureate Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Learn more about who we are, an overview of roles and responsibilities, helpful hints for clinical teaching and problem solving techniques specific to the various specialties.

Your role and impact as a preceptor

The strength of the School of Nursing's Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program is the involvement of preceptors like you....knowledgeable, experienced nurses who are willing to play a vital role in guiding students in an experiential process. 

Knowledgeable, experienced nurses who serve as preceptors play a vital role in guiding students in an experiential process

As a preceptor, you play a key role in not only direct supervision to ensure competent, safe completion of specific skills, but also in guiding the advanced practice nurse's development within the clinical learning environment to promote self-awareness and critical thinking.

It is within the context of the student's preceptorship experience that the student learns to apply an expanded knowledge base and to function in the advanced practice nursing roles of clinician, consultant, educator, leader, and researcher.

The benefits of effective preceptors are great. Advanced practice nurses benefit from the support and encouragement of a practicing professional, individualized learning, and increased confidence in nursing skills. 

The nursing preceptor benefits from recognition as a role model, satisfaction of sharing knowledge and experience, and opportunities to influence worksplace changes.

Information for DNP Specialty Preceptorships:

About the specialties

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Preceptor resources

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