Celebrating nursing faculty and staff

The School of Nursing celebrated faculty and staff at the Spring Gala in May.

Clinical Assistant Professor Elena Geiger-Simpson

Exceptional Mentorship Award: Elena Geiger-Simpson
Clinical Assistant Professor Elena Geiger-Simpson motivates students with compassion and thoughtful, constructive feedback.

Clinical Assistant Professor Stephanie Gingerich Out of the Box Thinking Award: Stephanie Gingerich
Clinical Assistant Professor Stephanie Gingerich provides multiple modalities for creating an excellent learning climate. She recognizes visual/kinesthetic/auditory learning styles for all to learn.
 Assistant Professor Robin Austin Scholarship in Practice Award: Robin Austin
Assistant Professor Robin Austin worked to bridge the gap between theory and practice during a critical year of health care challenges for nursing educators and their students. She received a COVID-19 seed grant to explore community resilience and health challenges and needs during COVID-19.
 Clinical Assistant Professor Raney Linck  

Scholarship in Practice Award: Raney Linck
Clinical Assistant Professor Raney Linck’s instruction inspired this reflection by a BSN student, “I will forever be grateful for the three years of instruction I have had from Raney. I have had him as an instructor and mentor in both clinical practicum and nursing courses and he is the most engaged teacher I have ever had.”

 Professor Karen Monsen  

Commitment to the Understanding of Social Determinants Award: Karen Monsen
Professor Karen Monsen recently led the development of a Coursera course Social Determinants of Health: Data to Action, which will reach thousands of people around the world and expand awareness and inspire action.

 Clinical Associate Professor Barbara Peterson  

Diversity and Inclusivity Award: Barbara Peterson
Clinical Associate Professor Barbara Peterson took the lead in multiple collaborative efforts to address and dismantle racism, demonstrating the methodical step-by-step work that is needed, but also the unrelenting urgency that is required for change. 

 Nursing Clinical Facilities Director Donald Adderley  

Diversity and Inclusivity Award: Donald Adderley
Nursing Clinical Facilities Director Donald Adderley has shown leadership by engaging in courageous conversations with Dean Delaney and others. He has been willing to share his personal experiences and thoughts surrounding race in America, modelling for others how to have honest conversations. 

 Assistant Professor Cynthia Bradley  

E. Louis Grant Award: Cynthia Bradley
Assistant Professor Cynthia Bradley is dedicated to investigating the intersection of technology and learning, and preparing faculty to facilitate these learning experiences. 

 Clinical Assistant Professor Amanda Schuh  

Faculty Public Service Award: Amanda Schuh
Clinical Assistant Professor Amanda Schuh is supremely civically active as a city council member. She encourages all nurses to become more involved with patient advocacy, policy work and community service.

Clinical Assistant Professor Stephanie Delkoski

Outstanding Graduate Advisor Award: Stephanie Delkoski
Clinical Assistant Professor Stephanie Delkoski encourages students to realize their full potential and abilities.

Tom Steffes

Innovator Award: Tom Steffes
Website Specialist Tom Steffes manages complicated Zoom tricks to keep the school’s highly interactive meetings and gatherings meaningful. A key to making that possible is his innovation and positive enthusiasm.

Jim Pfankuch

Unsung Hero Award: Jim Pfankuch
Web Content Manager Jim Pfankuch has expertly and quietly overseen many ways the School of Nursing has been communicating during the pandemic, whether it is a late night update for students or emails to alumni on the weekend. 

Mike Edie

Outstanding Service Award: Mike Edie
Facilities Coordinator Mike Edie will leap into action whenever needed, whether it’s to assist someone locked out of a classroom or when a set-up in the home environment isn’t working out. Mike’s work ethic, especially during the pandemic, has been nothing short of exemplary. 

Steve Rudolph

Outstanding Service Award: Steve Rudolph
Communications and Marketing Director Steve Rudolph has shown remarkable ability to multi-task under pressure and does so with ease and a sense of calm. He has shown his ability to be thoughtful in planning, problem solving and decision-making. 

The Dean’s Award: Office of the Dean Staff

The Office of the Dean, which includes Jennie Robinson Kloos, Khiem Duong, Emily Malin, Wendy Dahl and Annie Koolen, effectively came together as a team during COVID-19. They keep faculty and staff at the center of their work, refining and improving processes to support them.

Sandra R. Edwardson DNP Student Award for Excellence

Three Doctor of Nursing Practice students received the Sandra R. Edwardson DNP Student Award for Excellence. Shanna Miko is in the health innovation and leadership specialty, and Emily Carroll and Chris Singer are post-master’s DNP students.