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Passing the baton

Linda Bearinger

In 1990, I met Renee Sieving at a public health clinic where she worked as a pediatric nurse practitioner during her adolescent post-master’s fellowship at the University of Minnesota. Over the next five years while Sieving completed her PhD degree, we secured federal funding from the Maternal & Child Health Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to support tuition and stipends for students and post-doctoral fellows in adolescent health. More than $3 million of support from these training grants helped 150+ adolescent-focused MS, DNP and PhD students and post-doctoral fellows complete their programs and move into leadership positions in health services, public health and academic settings.

In addition to federally-funded training programs, in collaborative efforts with Minnesota Departments of Health and Education, a youth-serving non-profit and other University partners, the Center for Adolescent Nursing has hosted 23 adolescent health summer institutes involving nearly 1,500 participants in a host of disciplines from all over the world. Our center’s initial aim—to improve the health of young people through access to health providers equipped to address the needs of adolescents—is ongoing and, in the decade to come, we hope our impact will continue to be far reaching.

On Aug. 31, 2016, I ended my 32-year career as faculty in the School of Nursing and Medical School’s Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Health and began retirement. With great thanks and admiration for my adolescent health colleagues, I passed the baton to the new director of the Center for Adolescent Nursing, Professor Renee Sieving, PhD, RN, FSAHM, FAAN.


Bearinger and Sieving
Renee Sieving and Linda Bearinger

Center for Adolescent Nursing

Renee Sieving

Center Director: 
Renee E. Sieving, PhD, RN, FSAHM, FAAN

Improve the health and well being of young people by educating nurses and other health professionals to respond to the unique and emerging health needs of young people in families, schools, and communities.

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