Minnesota Nursing magazine

In memory

Mary Ann L. Anglim, MA in Nursing Education ’64, BSN ’56, emeritus faculty member, passed away in April. For over three decades, she taught about advanced oncological nursing practices. She lectured about caring for and coping with the loss of a child to cancer. Popular with her students, she was often asked to speak at commencement ceremonies. She was nominated by students when she won the Excellence in Nursing Education Award in 1985. Twice, the Minnesota Chapter of the American Cancer Society awarded her for Distinguished Service.

Kathleen G. Dineen, PhD, CNM, died in June. Her nursing career includes 30 years of service with the Sisters of Maryknoll to women and families in Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Peru. In 1976, she joined the University of Minnesota School of Nursing faculty as the director of the nurse-midwifery education program. During the next 17 years, she successfully secured national accreditation for the program, HSRA training grants to grow the program and funding for students. Under her leadership, some 200 nurses completed their midwifery education.

Alice Mae H. Graner died in February after a career as a registered nurse, which included teaching at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing and clinical work at the VA Hospital in Minneapolis. She entered the Air National Guard in 1961, contributing her service in many ways including chief flight nurse. She retired as a colonel from the Guard in 1994.

Sarah M. Gutknecht, DNP ’08, MS ’00, BSN ’94 died in August. She was in the first class of students to earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from the U of M. She began her career as a nurse practitioner at Shriners Hospital for Children and then moved to Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare. She was also an adjunct clinical associate professor for the school. She went on nearly 30 missions around the world with Operation Smile and with Healing Hands for Haiti.

Also remembered

Esther Mae Barrett Kraskin, BSN ’39
Grace Johnson Erickson, BSN ’40
Rosella Hirsch McManus, BSN ’43
Gloria Hoenck Eckerson, Cadet Nurses Corp ’44
Mary Buryk Aufderheide, BSN ’45
Jane Snurr, BSN ’45
Doris Marie Strane, BSN ’45
Charlotte Krahn Bolla, BSN ’46
Rosemary Lux Romey James, BSN ’46
Mary Lucille Muller Mickman, BSN ’46
Betsy Frederickson Miller, Cadet Nurses Corp ’46
Patricia Helen McCutchan Bergh, BSN ’47
Audrey Kaplan Hillman, BSN ’47
Marion Johnson, BSN ’47
Illola (Mary) Keefe Grove, BSN ’47
Theresa Battaglia Sullivan, BS in
Nursing Education ’47
Marcella Kemnitz Kirkpatrick, BSN ’48
Sydney Elizabeth Swallen Rice, BSN ’48
June Kaul Bjerke, BSN ’50
Gloria Larson Hayden, BSN ’50
Barbara Smith Pearce, BSN ’50
Ann Marie Backlund Nelson, BSN ’52
Marilyn Hamre Machlup BSN ’53
Elizabeth Almquist Beckman, BSN ’54
Arlene Lundblad, BSN ’54
Lorna Hanebuth-Sherman, BS in Nursing Education ’55
Irene Johnson, BSN ’55
Dolores Schiller, BSN ’55
John Belejack, MSN ’56
Virginia Danielson Cafferty, BSN ’56
Barbara Westurn, BSN ’56
Dolores Dietrich McQuarrie, BSN ’58
Dorothy “Kathy” Roemer, BSN ’59
Rhoda Thoreson Becklund, BSN ’60
Phyllis Jordahl Dexter, BSN ’60, MSNAd ’62
Sophia Gormish, MSN ’63
Lou Ann Dykstra BSN ’71
Barbara Ann Goff Rexilius, MSN ’72
Lora Lokowich Dittbenner, BSN ’73
Alice Marilyn Sime, PhD ’73
Betsey ‘Mary Beth’ Halter, BSN ‘74
Maydra Maas, BSN ’76
Loretta Kupferschmid Leman, MSN ’77
Juliet Crennel Linder, MSN ’78
Adriene Niesen, BSN ’88