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HIT and the need to focus on outcomes

On June 5–7, 2017, the Center for Nursing Informatics hosted the fifth-annual Nursing Knowledge: Big Data Science Conference. The pre-conference focused on four critical health care topics: care coordination, clinical decision support, quality reporting and big data research. Policy issues, data implications and exemplars of how organizations are successfully implementing health information technology within each topic were examined. Rebecca Freeman, PhD, RN, PMP, the chief nursing officer of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, presented the keynote address. Freeman noted that we no longer will be reimbursed for process as the focus now is on achieving outcomes. Outcomes focus requires longitudinal, interdisciplinary care that engages patients. We must move from an episodic to a longitudinal care record and expedite movement from discipline-specific or setting specific silos to integrated interdisciplinary care. Clinical Professor Thomas Clancy, PhD, MBA, RN, closed the conference presenting on the Internet of Things. He noted that robotics is a critical issue that will affect nursing and that nurses need to be involved in design and development as domain experts.

Reports on accomplishments from 10 virtual working groups representing hundreds of members from health care organizations, vendors, industry, professional organizations and government were discussed. Together, these working groups address how nursing and interprofessional data can align so it is sharable and comparable to achieve longitudinal patient outcomes and support quality reporting and research. Additionally, the work groups planned actions over the next year. These advancements and newly-identified challenges will be addressed at the 2018 Big Data conference, which will be held on June 13-15, 2018.


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