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Global connections

Faculty in the center have a strong history of research and scholarship that has a national and global reach in the area of care coordination for children with special health care needs and their families. In 2015, the center has hosted several visiting scholars from Japan.

Japanese visiting scholarsFrom left, Miyuki Nakai, Ann Garwick, Linda Lindeke, Akemi Kurosawa-Matsuzawa, Casey Hooke, Wendy Looman and Matsuko Doi.

Akemi Matsuzawa, PhD, RN, MA, PHN, is working with center faculty, students and graduates during her year-long sabbatical. She is focusing on learning about effective models of care coordination and telehealth nursing for children with special health care needs in the U.S. that could be helpful for families in Japan, especially those living in rural areas. Matsuzawa is an associate professor in the School of Nursing at Ibaraki Christian University in Hitachi, Japan. Her faculty sponsors are Wendy Looman and Ann Garwick.

The center also recently hosted master’s degree alum Miyuki Nakai and former visiting scholar Matsuko Doi, PhD, RN. Nakai and Doi co-authored Japan’s first pediatric physical assessment textbook and instructional videos, with consultation from center faculty member Linda Lindeke, PhD, RN, CNP, FAAN.

They returned to Minnesota to learn more about undergraduate nursing education and use of simulations in particular. Nakai is currently pursuing her PhD degree as she serves as Doi’s assistant. Doi is dean of a new bachelor of science in nursing program that will incorporate innovative teaching strategies at Aichi Kiwami College of Nursing in Ichinomiya, Japan.


Ann Garwick

Center Director

Ann Garwick, PhD, RN, LMFT, LP, FAAN


The center prepares pediatric nursing leaders to improve the quality of care and systems of care for children and youth with an added emphasis on those with special health care needs. Graduates are prepared for leadership roles in primary and specialty care of children and youth, the organization and delivery of health services, policy, research, education, and advocacy.

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