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Forging partnerships to lead nursing into the future

Connie White Delaney

As the school year began I reflected upon my 13 years at the School of Nursing serving as the 10th dean and 44th year as a nurse. I was (and am) in awe of just how much has changed in our profession. The expansion of independence and growth of nurse practitioners, nursing specialties, telehealth and global collaboration are breath-giving. The expansion and integration of technologies, e.g., Internet of Things and Quantified Self, are voluminous.

The pace of change, the welcoming of disruption and opportunities for transformation in health are only accelerating. The evolution of nursing leadership has indeed equipped us to be bold, welcome the opportunity to transcend the usual and expect health for all, including our planet. As educators, while we embrace the opportunity to equip the next generation of nurse leaders with the knowledge they need today, we advance a framework to engage foresight in co-creating our future.

In this issue of Minnesota Nursing we explore some recent changes and how our faculty and our students are adapting for patients, families and communities. You’ll read a story of how student feedback and faculty leadership are helping prepare our graduates to meet the needs of LGBTQ patients. Another story explores the school’s partnership with the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists to host a conference on what has quickly become one of our society’s biggest challenges — the opioid epidemic.

Forging partnerships is a cardinal component of our strategy to lead nursing into the future. We invite you to explore our newest relationship with GetWellNetwork. The thought of using a mobile phone app to deliver patient care would have been beyond comprehension decades ago; today we stand on the verge of translating our nursing research into a product that will deliver individualized care to millions in real-time.

Our school is positioned to embrace the opportunities ushered in by change while remaining true to our foundation. Our school is positioned to create opportunities that advance innovation and discoveries. Recently, we announced Empowering Health: The Campaign for the School of Nursing that will enable us to do just that. Empowering Health emerged from discussions with our students, our alumni, our faculty and our trusted partners to determine what it is that health care and communities need from our school.

Those conversations led to three priorities and a goal of raising $45 million to fulfill them. Those three pillars are preparing nurse leaders, transforming research and ensuring forward-thinking faculty. By focusing on these areas, we can position the school to meet the demand for health care professionals committed to transformation and innovation, recruit and retain top nursing research talent, and find solutions to today and tomorrow’s complex health challenges.

We invite you to enjoy this issue and look forward to your thoughts and comments.

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Connie White Delaney
Professor and Dean