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Nursing foresight is the ability to forecast what will happen or be needed in the future considering emergent health care trends that have consequences for population and planetary health. Foresight and futures literacy is essential to the profession’s purpose, definition, professional scope and standards of practice. In September, the School of Nursing and the Densford Center hosted the Nursing Foresight Summit. Thought leaders were invited to discuss the creation of an initiative to enhance the future thinking capacity, wisdom and anticipatory leadership skill set of nurses and health care professionals.

The objectives of the Summit were to:

1. Examine the value, key drivers and stakeholders related to a Foresight Leadership initiative to advance health care, innovation and learning that support vibrant communities and sustainable planetary health.

2. Establish and affirm a blueprint, strategies, principles and evaluation criteria that outline a road map for a Foresight Leadership initiative.

3. Articulate the synergy of the Foresight Leadership initiative with the school’s innovation trajectory and the Densford Center’s mission to develop next generation leaders.

The Densford Center is committed to developing resources and networks of people who are invested in learning more about the application and evaluation of future thinking models and methods.


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Dan Pesut

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Daniel J. Pesut, PhD, RN, FAAN

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