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A message from the director of development
John Kilbride

When it comes to nursing and health care, these are defining times to say the least. At the School of Nursing, under the leadership of Dean Connie White Delaney and with the philanthropic support of our generous benefactors, I believe we are redefining the times. My colleague Maria McLemore recently expressed it this way when she said,

“If the Merriam Webster definition of a nurse is a person who is trained to care for sick or injured people and who usually works in a hospital or doctor’s office, under Dean Delaney’s leadership, I believe the school has redefined a nurse to be a highly-skilled health care practitioner, health care system executive, dynamic researcher, trusted educator and mentor or engaged community health worker.”

This past year, nearly 1,000 benefactors invested in the future of health care through the school and our mission. Many chose to make an investment in our students because they know that an aging population and a limited number of primary care providers limits access to health care, particularly in rural and underserved urban communities. Their investment makes it possible for the school to educate nurses at higher levels to address this pressing demand.

Others chose to support our research and outreach because they know that the school can discover new prevention strategies, interventions and treatments for pressing health concerns. Their investment makes it possible for our faculty and students to discover new interventions and practices to promote health among vulnerable populations, prevent and manage chronic conditions and symptoms, and utilize information to improve health and health care.

And still others chose to support our field-shaping faculty because they know that they drive the success of our research, education and outreach. They attract outstanding graduate and undergraduate students and make research discoveries that improve health. Professor Joe Gaugler said it best: “My mission is to discover new interventions and treatments to improve the quality of life of people with memory loss and their caregiving family members.”

Every one of them, though, believe in the vision, mission and leadership of the school and we couldn’t be more grateful. I am proud of the work that Dean Delaney, the faculty and our students are doing to deliver the leaders and discoveries that you have asked of us. Thank you for your partnership in helping redefine nursing, nursing education and health care research.

John Kilbride


John Kilbride, Director of Development

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John Kilbride