In it Together: Dismantling Systems of White Supremacy

Join the University of Minnesota School of Nursing, Creative Nursing and Springer Publishing for a discussion with thought leaders and authors, including:

  • Sharing our Stories and Holding the Past to Task Tammy Sinkfield-Morey and Teddie Potter
  • Racism as Historical Trauma: Implications for Nursing Roberta Waite and Deena Nardi
  • Institutional Racism and White Supremacy in Nursing Education Amy Harding
  • Dismantling Systemic Racism at Childrens’ Minnesota James Burroughs
  • Moving from Allyship to Antiracism Rebecca Smith
  • Origins of Incivility in Nursing in Reconstruction-Era Policies Erika Samman
  • Historical Theoretical Models of Care in Communities of Color Pandora Goode
  • Media Review of Me and White Supremacy Nick Tangen

Sponsored by the School of Nursing’s Inclusivity, Diversity & Equity committee and Creative Health Care Management


Friday, February 26, 2021 - 3:30pm



In It Together: Dismantling Systems of White Supremacy