Dominique Jones

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Dominique Jones“I want to work with young women to help them think about and prepare for their future, and shape the kind of future they want for themselves."

Dominique Jones is a student in the Master of Nursing program who has been admitted to the nurse-midwifery specialty of the Doctor of Nursing Practice.

While Dominique did not grow up with a plan to become a nurse, she knew she wanted a career in which she could make a positive difference in the lives of others. So she completed bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of St. Thomas with a plan to eventually get a PhD and work as a therapist.

Along the way, she took a job as a case manager for county social services office where she met with families who were often in or approaching crisis situations. Dominique became skilled at helping families get through difficult times and find resources they needed. But she wanted something more.

“I found that I was often being reactive, responding and intervening with temporary solutions in my role as a case manager,” she said. “I began to realize that I was not helping families make progress toward growth and improving their quality of life because I was involved too late in the process after mistrust and dysfunction became the pattern.”

After witnessing two separate births within her family, Dominique considered pursuing an education as a doula as a part-time vocation. She said one birth she attended went beautifully and naturally; while the other was fraught with what she felt were premature medical interventions that were done based on health insurance policies and considerations other than the health of the mom and baby.

“I thought to myself, there has to be another way,” Dominique said. “I want to work with young women to help them think about and prepare for their future, and shape the kind of future they want for themselves. I want women, whether pregnant or not, to really think about whether they want to have a family and what that family might be. I want them to know they can be active participants.”

With one full year of nursing education behind her, Dominique says she knows she made the right decision.

“This is a challenging program,” she said. “It’s just what I want. My goal is to be able to work with young people before they start a family, and help them consider the kind of future they want for their child and for themselves – so it’s using the counseling, the nursing and the midwifery to help people create more hopeful futures and advocate for their dreams.”

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