Alicia Johnson

Master of Nursing

Alicia Johnson“I know that in nursing I can do whatever I want and have the life I want. I’m going to be happy.”

University of Minnesota Morris graduate Alicia Johnson was aiming for medical school until she worked with public health nurses on a research project. The pre-med biology graduate is now in the Master of Nursing program.

“I was inspired by seeing public health nurses doing research, implementing things and working with patients directly. I didn’t realize there are so many different aspects to nursing,” she said. After shadowing nurse practitioners she began to realize the breadth of the field, which is one of the primary reasons she chose nursing.

After she researched other nursing schools nationally, Johnson decided to stay in Minnesota because of her interest in working with the Latino community locally. While at Morris she heard from peers who had positive remarks about the Master of Nursing program, and professors spoke highly of it as well.

She didn’t commit to nursing until the final semester of her senior year. In that semester she took five prerequisite courses, attended classes at the Morris campus while taking courses offered by the Twin Cities and Duluth campuses online. The choice was grueling, she said, but ultimately worth it.

She’s particularly excited about this current semester because of the clinicals involving obstetrics, pediatrics and medical-surgical nursing, which have been the most engaging of her experience so far due to their integration of everything she learned in the program.

Johnson initially expected to spend a substantial amount of time working toward a Master of Public Health degree, and she advises others who have not thoroughly investigated all options available to them to consider nursing. She is now confident that she’ll be getting more out of her degree and completing it in less time. She is still deciding if she wants to obtain a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, work in public health or something else.

“I’m interested in everything, and what I liked about nursing is that it pertains to things like research, community involvement and teaching,” said Johnson. “I know that in nursing I can do whatever I want and have the life I want. I’m going to be happy.”