Nurse Anesthesia DNP

The University of Minnesota Nurse Anesthesia Program prepares you to practice as a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) at the highest level of clinical practice in this fast paced program that leads to a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and national certification examination eligibility.

Nurse Anesthetists Training
Graduates possess expertise in a wide variety of general and regional anesthesia techniques, and are prepared to provide leadership in the practice setting. Our graduates practice at metropolitan hospitals, rural hospitals, children’s hospitals and critical access hospitals across the United States. Many of our graduates serve on state and national professional committees.

Length and commitment

  • 3-year, full-time program
  • On campus: 1–2 days each week for coursework; each semester a 4-day session (Tuesday–Friday) that includes: core courses, enhancement programming, specialty courses, advisor meetings
  • Clinical sites: Complete approximately 3,000 hours at clinical sites arranged by the school

What makes our program distinct?

  • This Doctor of Nursing Practice Program's specialty in nurse anesthesia is one of 16 such DNP programs in the country
  • Program offered through one of the top five percent of schools of nursing in the United States, nationally known for strong teaching, research and clinical faculty
  • Small class size allows for individual attention and a close faculty/student relationship
  • Strong student wellness program
  • A faculty commitment to diversity
  • Urban and rural rotations provide a wide range of experiences for student learners
  • Excellent clinical preceptors who are highly committed to each student’s learning
  • Students gain experience placing invasive monitors and regional anesthetics of all types
  • A robust simulation program to allow students to go right from the lecture hall to practice procedures in a safe learning environment
  • Faculty who are dedicated and committed to each student becoming the very best clinician they can be

Prepare for nurse anesthesia practice at the highest level

The University of Minnesota School of Nursing, Nurse Anesthesia Specialty prepares Registered Nurses to become Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) who are prepared for nurse anesthesia practice at the highest level. Graduates will possess expertise in general and regional anesthesia techniques, and will be prepared to provide leadership in the practice setting.

Learn more about the program including curriculum, clinical care sites, and what's required to apply.


Nurse anesthesia students complete the requirements for the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree, as well as the requirements to take the National Certification Exam for nurse anesthetists. The three-year (9 semesters) DNP curriculum integrates anesthesia didactic coursework, anesthesia clinical experiences, and DNP coursework.

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