Integrative Health and Healing DNP

The Integrative Health and Healing specialty of the DNP Program prepares graduates to work with individuals, families, communities and health systems in developing integrative approaches to health promotion, disease prevention and chronic disease management.

Integrative Health and Healing
An integrative approach includes engaging the patient as an informed and empowered partner, personalizing care and using all appropriate, evidence-based therapeutic approaches, including lifestyle changes, to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Nurses at the advanced practice level in integrative health and healing are prepared to provide leadership and work within collaborative teams across a wide variety of settings including hospitals, clinics and health centers, long term care facilities, community health settings, schools and corporate/business environments.

Length and commitment

  • 3-year, full-time program
  • Online: All coursework delivered online except as noted below
  • On campus: Each semester for a 4-day session (Tuesday–Friday) that includes: core courses, enhancement programming, specialty courses, advisor meetings;  2–6 days each semester for additional activities and coursework
  • Practicum sites: Complete 1,000 hours at practicum sites arranged by the school

What makes our program distinct?

This DNP program specialty in Integrative Health and Healing specialty is the first of its kind in the country, and provides a strong foundation for nursing leadership and expertise in integrative health.

Specialty courses are offered through the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota, including selected integrative therapies (several offered in Hawaii in January), health coaching, self care, functional nutrition and healing environments.

Our program is the first of its kind in the country, and provides a strong foundation for nursing leadership and expertise in integrative health

Clinical experiences focus on skill development and leadership and are available in a range of settings including out-patient clinics, inpatient acute care, and long term care facilities. Students are eligible for a fellowship that allows for focused study in Integrative Health and Healing leadership.

Students can opt to concurrently earn a graduate certificate in Integrative Health and Healing practices including a focus in health coaching.

Our graduates are prepared to:

  • Analyze nursing scholarship, research, theory, and legal and professional standards relevant to integrative nursing practice
  • Develop beginning level competency in use of selected integrative therapies, and implement a management plan that incorporates evidence-based research and multiple ways of knowing into the selection and application of integrative therapies
  • Assess individual and population learning needs in order to implement and evaluate a teaching plan with an integrative health and healing focus
  • Analyze the role of integrative health providers in a variety of clinical settings and the role of the integrative nurse in promoting interprofessional collaboration
  • Collaborate with a team to conduct a needs assessment and develop a plan for implementation and evaluation of integrative services within a patient population, clinical program or product line that includes clinical and financial components
  • Apply principles and practices of contemporary leadership theory in program design and evaluation of integrative therapies and healing practices
  • Analyze the impact of health policies on the viability of integrative health care programming


The American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC) offers a certification exam which confers certification as American Holistic Nurse, Board Certified (AHN-BC). This is offered through the AHNCC.

The Advanced Practice Registered Nurse designation is not used for the Integrative Health and Healing DNP graduate. This designation is reserved for advanced practice nurses prepared as certified nurse specialists, nurse midwifes, nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists, recognizing their ability to prescribe pharmaceuticals. This is not the focus of the integrative health DNP program.

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Integrative Health and Healing

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