Program Information


The Specialty Coordinator will be assigned as advisor for Post-Graduate Certificate students. In the letter stating the Graduate Admissions & Progressions Committee has recommended admission, students will be told to contact their assigned advisor before registration begins for their first semester in the program.

The letter will include any Disciplinary or Advanced Practice Core coursework that needs to be completed, as identified by the Committee. In the meeting with the advisor an individualized plan of study will be developed to meet student needs.

Choose from these specialty areas:

Some of these specialty areas require experience before matriculation or clinical practice. A table listing of these requirements is available to compare the experience requirements by specialty area. Please note: all Post Graduate Certificate students are in the same classes as our Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students and will be registered under DNP courses. Applicants must contact the specialty area coordinator before applying.

Enrollment is limited for specialty and clinical courses. Students are selected for the practice specialty by the coordinator and faculty of the area. Selections are made on a space-available basis.

Individual program requirements vary and programs of study will be individualized for each Post-Graduate Certificate student.

Deadlines and Eligibility

How to Apply

Only one application is required for the Post Graduate Certificate program. We encourage you to apply early and to complete your application by the priority deadline. Priority Deadline is December 15th for the program. Applications will be accepted on a space available basis through March 1st.

Faculty review applications on a rolling admissions basis, based on space availability in your program of choice. Students are admitted in the fall semester to the School of Nursing depending on the course availability and sequence for the specialty area. Applicants must contact the specialty area coordinator before applying to the Post Graduate Certificate program.

Eligibility for the Post Graduate Certificate Program

The only nurses eligible for the Post Graduate Certificate Program are those who hold an APRN certification (NP, CNS, CRNA, or Midwife). Nurses who graduated with a Master's degree in other nursing specialty areas (Informatics, Public Health, Administration/Leadership, etc.) are not eligible for this certificate program.

Completed NursingCAS Application

Applicants interested in the University of Minnesota's Post Graduate Certificate program should apply through NursingCAS, an online, centralized application service for nursing programs. To start your application, visit and click “Apply Here”. Click on “Create Account” and complete the required fields in order to start your application.

Although some sections of the NursingCAS application are marked “optional” please follow the guidelines for the University of Minnesota requirements for Post Graduate Certificate applicants.

To start your application, visit

Read the detailed application instructions here.