Nursing College Board


Twin Cities
President: Nick Schuler

President: Inna Sioco

What Nursing College Board is:

  • NCB works to provide engagement and enrichment opportunities for SoN students
  • NCB serves to represent the SoN Student Body
  • NCB promotes nursing student involvement in the affairs of the SoN, student organizations, and the University of Minnesota

Who Nursing College Board is:

  • NCB is a student run organization
  • NCB is made up of three or representatives from each BSN class, including Freshman Nursing Guarantee students

What Nursing College Board Does:

  • NCB provides learning opportunities directly applicable to students through 'Lunch and Learn' periods
  • NCB provides the nursing student body with a Grants Program to foster the growth, participation, and means to achieve those activities that enrich the nursing student learning process
  • NCB participates in such events as March of Dimes, Relay for Life, and others
  • NCB provides nursing students with community volunteering opportunities