DNP Course Equivalency Evaluation

Doctor of Nursing Practice admitted and current students may request to satisfy a required course based upon previous graduate level coursework and/or professional experience that meets equivalent objectives of the required course. 

Prior to submitting your request, thoroughly review the NURS Course Descriptions and Objectives for the required DNP course to self-evaluate alignment with your prior coursework and/or professional competencies. If you wish to petition a course not listed in the guide below please email Alicia George, Assistant Director of OSCAS/Doctoral Programs Coordinator at

Graduates of the University of Minnesota Master of Nursing program are not required to submit equivalency evaluations for coursework completed within the program.  Please email Alicia George at to confirm how your coursework will align with Doctor of Nursing Practice requirements.  

Required Documentation

Course Equivalency Evaluation requests based upon prior coursework must include:

  1. Unofficial transcript(s) from previously completed coursework.
  2. Course syllabi from the previously completed course. 

Course Equivalency Evaluation requests based solely or partially upon professional experience must include:

  1. Resume/CV
  2. Supporting material that demonstrates competency that aligns with the objectives of the course.

Submission Instructions

Submit your request and supporting documents for review via the online DNP Course Equivalency Evaluation form. Please submit one form for each course you are requesting. You will receive an email confirmation upon submission of the Course Evaluation form and will be notified via email once the review is complete and a decision is made.  Please allow up to 4 weeks for receipt of a decision regarding your petition.