Power of the Apology

Wisdom Dialogue Series: The Power of Apology After Medical Error

When: Thursday April 23, 2015 12pm-1pm

Where: 4th Floor, Weaver-Densford Hall Bentson Healthy Communities Innovation Center UMN

Cost: Free

Guest Speakers: Mark R. Kosieradzki, BS, JD KOSIERADZKI SMITH LAW FIRM, LLC Plaintiff's Attorney & Stephen O. Plunkett BS, JD BASSFORD REMELE Defense Attorney

Topic: In spite of all best efforts in health care to promote safety and quality, unanticipated adverse outcomes happen. In the past a “deny and defend” stance created adversarial relationships between and among providers, patients and their loved ones. Transparency and apology have been shown to mitigate patients’ and families’ emotional and litigious responses to medical error. The manner in which patients, families and providers handle responses to unanticipated adverse outcomes is influenced by the power of sincere apology.

As a result of this Wisdom Dialogue, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss what motivates patients and their loved ones to seek legal counsel after unanticipated adverse outcomes in health care.
  • Discuss three main principles related to the power of apology following medical errors.
  • Explain four elements of sincere apology.