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Renee SievingRenee E. Sieving

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Eunice M. Areba, PhD, RN, PHN
Clinical Assistant Professor


  • Environmental, social and individual factors fostering healthy youth development
  • Coping mechanisms in immigrant and refugee youth
  • Drugs, substance use, violence and mental health in immigrant and refugee youth

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Jenna Baumgartner, MS
Communications Coordinator


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Jayne A. Fulkerson, PhD


  • Family-based health promotion in community settings
  • Child/adolescent obesity prevention through family meals at home
  • Research methodology, evaluation, measurement and instrument development

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Nasra H. Giama, DNP, RN, PHN
Clinical Associate Professor and Assistant Director of Inclusivity, Diversity, & Equity Committee


  • Health disparities related to viral hepatitis and liver disease
  • Adolescent health
  • Refugee and immigrant health

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Melissa L. Horning, PhD, RN, PHN
Associate Professor


  • Community-engaged, health promotion research with children, youth and families
  • Social ecological influences on adolescent health behaviors and nutrition
  • Public health nursing

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Barbara J. McMorris, PhD
Associate Professor


  • Prevention of risky health behaviors in adolescence
  • Promotion of health among vulnerable populations
  • Program evaluation, research methods and complex statistical modeling

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Carolyn M. Porta, PhD, MPH, RN SANE-A, FAAN, FNAP
Professor, Associate Vice President for Clinical Affairs


  • Promoting healthy physical and emotional trajectories into adulthood
  • Trans-disciplinary eco-health research to advance global health
  • Use of mHealth and photovoice strategies in health promotion

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Maria N. Ruud, DNP, RN, CNP
Associate Professor


  •       ∙   Pregnancy prevention in adolescents and young adults
  •       ∙   Reducing risky sexual behaviors and sexually transmitted infections
  •       ∙   Health and well-being among sexual and gender diverse youth
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    Melissa A. Saftner, PhD, APRN, CNM, FACNM
    Clinical Professor, Child and Family Health Cooperative


    • Health promotion and risk reduction among adolescent populations
    • Global health and marginalized adolescent populations
    • Confidence for birth

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    Renee E. Sieving, PhD, RN, FSAHM, FAAN
    Director, Center for Adolescent Nursing


    • Promoting health and healthy development among vulnerable populations of young people
    • Preventing risky sexual behaviors, violence and school dropout among adolescents
    • Improving adolescent health services

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    Former Director

    Linda BearingerLinda Bearinger, PhD, MS, RN, FAAN, FSAHM

    Faculty Emeritus