Laura J. Duckett, PhD, MPH, RN

Associate Professor, School of Nursing

Laura J. Duckett

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Office Phone 612-624-9160

Fax 612-625-7091

Office Address:
6-195B Weaver-Densford Hall

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School of Nursing
University of Minnesota
5-140 Weaver-Densford Hall
308 Harvard Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Associate Professor, School of Nursing

PhD, University of Minnesota (Educational Psychology), 1983

MPH, University of Minnesota (Maternal and Child Health), 2001; MS, University of Maryland (Maternal Child Nursing), 1975

BSN, Duke University (Nursing), 1967


Professional Associations

  • Co-operative Membership:
    Population Health and Systems
  • Center Memberships:
    Center for Child and Family Health Promotion Research
    Center for Spirituality and Healing


Research Summary/Interests

Breastfeeding and mother’s milk feeding for full-term and premature infants; breastfeeding and maternal employment; breastfeeding and infant health; infant growth; maternal, infant and family health during the first postpartum year; complementary healing practices for premature infants; parent-infant attachment; moral reasoning development; theory of planned behavior and health promotion. (Recent grants and selected publications are listed below.)

Research Funding Grants

Research and Education Grants:

Title of Project: Newly Independent States Multi-Country Partnerships Program for Nursing Education and Leadership Development
Funding Agency: American International Health Alliance (USAID Prime)
Role: Co-Investigator (Sandy Edwardson, PI)
Project Dates: 03/2004-09/2006

Title of Project: Barriers and Facilitators to Exclusive and Prolonged Breastfeeding Among Mexican Immigrant Mothers
Funding Agency: University of Minnesota Obesity Center
Role: Co-Investigator (Margaret Kersey Isaacson, PI)
Project Dates:

Title of Project: Mother's Milk Feeding for Diverse Populations
Funding Agency: Radke Family Foundation (prime)
Role: Principal Investigator
Project Dates: 9/03-6/04

Title of Project: Mother's Milk Feeding for Diverse Preterm/Low-birth-weight Infants (Pilot Study)
Funding Agency: Department of Pediatrics, Hennepin County Medical Center
Role: Co-Principal Investigator
Project Dates: 6/1/02-10/31/02

Title of Project: Lifetime Abuse, Health Risk Behaviors, and Health Care Utilization
Funding Agency: Subcontract with Allina Health Systems Foundation with Medica Choice Care funding
Role: Co-Investigator
Project Dates: 9/1/00-4/1/01

Title of Project: Violence Against Women: Health Care Costs, Screening and Intervention
Funding Agency: Allina Health Systems Foundation
Role: Co-Investigator
Project Dates: 2000


Selected Publications:

  • Dodgson, J. E., Henly, S. J., Duckett, L., & Tarrant, M. (2003). Theory of planned behavior-based models for breastfeeding duration among Hong Kong mothers. Nursing Research, 52(3), 148-158.
  • Dodgson, J. E., Duckett, L., Garwick, A., & Graham, B. L. (2002). An ecological perspective of breastfeeding in an indigenous community. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 34(3), 235-241.
  • O'Boyle, C.A., Henly, S.J., & Duckett, L.J. (2001) Nurses' motivation to wash their hands. Applied Nursing Research, 14, 136-145.
  • Kaas, M., Block, D., Avery, M., Lindeke, L., Kubik, M., Duckett, L., & Vellenga, B. (2001). Technology-Enhanced Distance Education: From Experimentation to Concerted Action. Journal of Professional Nursing, 17(3), 135-140.
  • Avery, M., Frantzich, C.J.R., Duckett, L. (2000). The experience of sexuality during breastfeeding among primiparous women. Journal of Nurse-Midwifery and Womens Health, 45 (3), 227-237.
  • Dodgson, J., Allard-Hale, C.J., Bramscher, A., Brown, F., & Duckett, L. (1999). Adherence to the ten steps of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in Minnesota hospitals. Birth, 26 (4), 239-247.
  • Avery, M., Duckett, L., Dodgson, J., Savik, K., & Henly, S. (1998). Factors associated with very early weaning among primiparas intending to breastfeed. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 2 (3), 167-179.
  • Duckett, L., Henly, S., Avery, M., Potter, S., Hills-Bonczyk, S., Hulden, R. & Savik, K. (1998). A theory of planned behavior-based structural model for breastfeeding. Nursing Research, 47 (6), 325-336.
  • Henly, S. J., Vermeersch, P., & Duckett, L. (1998). Model selection for covariance structures analysis in nursing.Western Journal of Nursing Research, 20 (3), 344-355.
  • Ryden, M., Duckett, L., Crisham, P., Caplan, A., & Schmitz, K. (1998). Multi-course sequential learning as a model for content integration. International Nursing Review, Japanese Edition, 21 (5), 63-68. (1989 publication translated into Japanese.)
  • Karni, K., Duckett, L., Garloff, D., Larson, T., Garrard, J., Thawley, D., & Franks, R. (1998). Key elements and processes needed in clinical laboratory science curriculum design and redesign. Clinical Laboratory Science, 11 (2), 70-77.
  • Karni, K., Duckett, L. (1998). Curriculum design: Questions to ask. Clinical Laboratory Science, 11 (2), 78-81.
  • Dodgson, J., & Duckett, L. (1997). Building a program to support breastfeeding women in the workplace. American Association of Occupational Health Nursing Journal, 45 (6), 290-297.
  • Duckett, L., Rowan, M., Ryden, M., Krichbaum, K., Miller, M., Savik, K., & Wainwright, H. (1997). Progress in moral reasoning of baccalaureate nursing students between program entry and graduation. Nursing Research, 46 (4), 222-229.


Academic Interests and Focus

Ethics; Research; Global health issues; Child-bearing nursing; Maternal child health.