Jung Lyun Kim, PhD, RN-BC

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Jung Lyun Kim

Contact Info


Office Phone 612-625-4470

Office Address:
6-152 Weaver-Densford Hall

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

PhD, College of Nursing, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL., 2017

BS, Chungnam National University, Daejon, Korea, 1993



Research Summary/Interests

  • Discovering biomarkers to develop therapeutic interventions to mitigate disease burdens in adults with immunometabolic diseases
  • Characterizing immunometabolic mechanisms underlying symptoms and disease progress in people with type 2 diabetes
  • Meaningful use of nursing data from electronic health records

Statement of Advising Philosophy & Expectations for PhD Students

Statement of Advising Philosophy


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Board Certifications

American Nurses Credentialing Center, Medical-Surgical Nursing, 2015