Anne Chevalier McKechnie, PhD, RN

Assistant Professor, Child Family Health Cooperative

Anne Chevalier McKechnie

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6-138D WDH

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School of Nursing
University of Minnesota
5-140 Weaver-Densford Hall
308 Harvard St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Assistant Professor, Child Family Health Cooperative

PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison (major: Nursing; minor: Sociology)

MS, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Nursing)

BS, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Nursing); BFA, Minneapolis College of Art & Design (Fine Art)

Postdoctoral Training, Nursing, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Anne Chevalier McKechnie, PhD, RN, is an assistant professor in the School of Nursing. Her research is focused on supporting families that are preparing and caring for medically fragile infants in the context of highly technical healthcare. Dr. McKechnie's varied research approaches, including grounded theory and instrument development, and commitment to team science, have led to an improved understanding of parents' care giving development related to their infants' life-threatening conditions, such as complex congenital heart disease. With her knowledge of theory and intervention science, Dr. McKechnie is developing and testing a care program delivered on a customized patient engagement platform with a parent-facing app and a clinician dashboard that establishes a closed loop of communication. Related work to expand on the primary care program is aimed at supporting human milk feeding for infants born with heart disease.

Awards & Recognition

University of Minnesota

  • Daisy Award, Scholarship in Teaching and Practice, School of Nursing, 2019

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Research Summary/Interests

Research area includes: Understanding the needs of families who continue pregnancies after fetal diagnoses, are preparing for and adapting to the care required for their children with special health care needs; Developing and testing family-centered interventions to enhance strengths and reduce risks for parents and their children with special health care needs during an early, formative time.

Statement of Advising Philosophy

Research Funding Grants

Funded Research:

Title of Project: Extending an eHealth enhanced care approach: Development of nurse-guided patient engagement content to support human milk feeding of infants with complex congenital heart disease.
Funding Agency: NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences UL1TR002494 
University of Minnesota Office of Discovery and Translation Grant
Principal Investigator: McKechnie 
Project Dates: 2019-2020

Title of Project: Preparing Heart and Mind: A Patient Engagement Pathway for Parents and Healthcare Providers After a Major Fetal Anomaly Diagnosis
Funding Agency: University of Minnesota Masonic Cross-Departmental Grant in Children’s Health Research
Principal Investigator: McKechnie
Project Dates: 2019-2020


Selected Publications:

  • McKechnie, A. C., Erickson, K., Ambrose, M. B., Chen, S., Mathiason, M. A., Miller, S., Johnson, K. A., Leuthner, S. R. (2020). Development and testing of a self-report measure of preparing to parent in the context of a fetal anomaly diagnosis. Patient Education and Counseling.
  • Pruinelli, L., Farag, A., Looman, W., McKechnie, A. C., Monsen, K., Van Gelderen, S., Dunn-Lopez, K. (2020). The symbiotic collaboration between family nursing and data science. CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing. 38(8), 375-380.
  • McKechnie, A. C., Johnson, K. A., Baker, M., Docherty, S. L., Leuthner, S. R., Thoyre, S. M. (2020). Adaptive leadership in parents caring for their children born with life-threatening conditions. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 53, 41–51. doi:10.1016/j.pedn.2020.03.018
  • Horning, M. L., Schneider, R., Beacham, B., Mckechnie, A. C., Kirk, L., Emery, D., & Lindquist, R. (2019). Appreciation of the Research-Practice Link. Nursing Education Perspectives, Publish Ahead of Print. doi: 10.1097/01.nep.0000000000000568
  • McKechnie, A. C., Waldrop, J., Matsuda, Y., Martinez, M., Fields, C., Baker, M., Beeber, L. (2018). Mothers’ perspectives on managing the developmental delay of a child with considerations for contextual influences and maternal functioning. Journal of Family Nursing, 24(3), 405–442. doi:10.1177/1074840718780474
  • McKechnie, A. C., Rogstad, J., Martin, K., & Pridham, K. F. (2018). An exploration of co-parenting in the context of caring for a child prenatally diagnosed and born with a complex health condition. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 74(2), 350–363. doi: 10.1111/jan.13415
  • McKechnie, A. C., & Lamberg-Jones, E. (2018). Preparing for the birth of an infant with a congenital or genetic condition. In K. F. Pridham, R. Limbo, & M. Schroeder (Eds.), Guided participation in pediatric nursing practice: Relationship-based teaching and learning with parents, children, and adolescents (pp. 35–52). New York, NY: Springer.Publishing Company, LLC.
  • Leuthner, S., & McKechnie, A. C. (2018). A neonatologist’s guided participation with parents of an infant with trisomy. In K. F. Pridham, R. Limbo, & M. Schroeder (Eds.), Guided participation in pediatric nursing practice: Relationship-based teaching and learning with parents, children, and adolescents (pp. 341–354). New York, NY: Springer.Publishing Company, LLC.
  • Tanem, J., & McKechnie, A. C. (2018). A mobile application as a tool for guided participation. In K. F. Pridham, R. Limbo, & M. Schroeder (Eds.), Guided participation in pediatric nursing practice: Relationship-based teaching and learning with parents, children, and adolescents (pp. 355–370). New York, NY: Springer. Software Development 
  • McKechnie, A. C., (2018) Intellectual Property Title: Preparing Heart and MindTM v. 2.0; University of Minnesota Office of Technology and Commercialization Case Number: 20180225. Description: This intellectual property includes content on paper, software code for an early app prototype, and the content and software code/digital files designed for a GetWellNetwork Custom Pathway (Getwellnetwork is a third part company that develops, markets, and sells patient engagement software)
  • Pridham, K. F., Harrison, T., McKechnie, A. C., Krolikowski, M. & Brown, R. (2018). Motivations and features of co-parenting an infant with complex congenital heart disease. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 40(8), 1110–1130. doi:10.1177/0193945917712693
  • Implementing Co-Regulated Feeding with Mothers of Preterm Infants. (2016). MCN, The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing, 41(4). doi: 10.1097/nmc.0000000000000272
  • Mckechnie, A. C., Pridham, K., & Tluczek, A. (2015). Walking the “Emotional Tightrope” From Pregnancy to Parenthood. Journal of Family Nursing, 22(1), 74–107. doi: 10.1177/1074840715616603
  • Tluczek, A., Clark, R., McKechnie, A. C., & Brown, R. (2015). Factors affecting parent-child relationships one year after positive newborn screening for cystic fibrosis or congenital hypothyroidism. Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, 36(1), 24-34. doi:10.1097/DBP.0000000000000112
  • McKechnie, A. C., Tluczek, A., & Pridham, K. (2014). Preparing heart and mind for becoming a parent following a diagnosis of fetal anomaly. Qualitative Health Research, 25(9), 1182–1198. doi:10.1177/1049732314553852
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  • McKechnie, A. C., Tluczek, A., & Henriques, J. B. (2009). Maternal Variables Influencing Duration of Breastfeeding Among Low-Income Mothers. ICAN: Infant, Child, & Adolescent Nutrition, 1(3), 126–132. doi: 10.1177/1941406409334379


  • McKechnie, A. C. (2013). Becoming a parent after a prenatal diagnosis: A model of preparing heart and mind within the caregiving system (Doctoral dissertation). Available from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database. (UMI No. 3588387)


Academic Interests and Focus

Science of Nursing Intervention


Undergraduate Honors Courses:

  • Applied Research and Research Utilization 
  • Nursing Theory and Research

Doctorate of Nursing Practice Course: 

  • Science of Nursing Intervention