Karin Alaniz

Karin AlanizDr. Karin Alaniz, PhD, RN
Professor ad Honorem

Alaniz was with the School of Nursing from 1977-2015. She received her undergraduate nursing degree from the University of Wisconsin and her masters and PhD degrees from the University of Minnesota. Her focus was always on the undergraduate program for which she taught pediatrics, human growth and development, and the freshman guarantee seminar from its inception until 2014 when she was diagnosed with a glioblastoma. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she served as the Nursing College Board (NCB) advisor for decades, on a variety of all University committees, and on the board of the American Lung Association in Minnesota at one time serving as board president. While with the ALA, she co- founded a camp for preschool children with asthma for which undergraduate nursing students served as staff. In 1999 she received one of the first all University Community Service Awards for her work with children with asthma. Alaniz was also among the first University of Minnesota School of Nursing educators to receive the DAISY award in 2011 for her commitment to the nursing profession and her inspirational influence on its students. In 2015, Dr. Alaniz endowed a scholarship for undergraduate nursing students and in 2016, she received a U of M Alumni Service award for her work.

Dr. Alaniz has always loved mentoring promising undergraduate students and especially enjoyed following them as they began their nursing careers and furthered their educations.