Renee Sieving

NURS - Image - 180x222 - Renee SievingRenee Sieving, PhD, RN, PNP, FAAN
Associate Professor

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Office Location:
6-189B Weaver-Densford Hall

Mailing Address:
School of Nursing
University of Minnesota
5-140 Weaver-Densford Hall
308 Harvard Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Co-operative Membership:
Population Health and Systems

Center Memberships:
Center for Child and Family Health Promotion Research
Center for Adolescent Nursing

Educational Background:
BA, 1983, Biology, Concordia University, River Forest, IL
MSN, 1985, Parent-Child Nursing, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Fellowship, 1991, Adolescent Health, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
PhD, 1996, Behavioral Epidemiology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Teaching Areas:
Adolescent Health Summer Institute
Critical Reading in Adolescent Health Scientific Literature

Research Interests:
Specialty areas are youth health promotion; prevention of multiple health risk behaviors (sexual risks, violence involvement, school drop-out) among adolescents. (Recent grants and selected publications are listed below.)

Research and Educational Grants:
Project Title: Adolescent Health Protection Research Training
Funding Agency: CDC
Role: Co-Investigator
Project Date(s): 10/07-9/09

Project Title: Healthy Youth Development- Prevention Researech Center
Funding Agency: CDC
Role: Faculty: Co-Investigator; Deputy Director
Project Date(s): 9/04-9/09

Project Title: Leadership Education in Adolescent Health
Funding Agency: MCHB HRSA
Role: Faculty: Nursing Training Faculty
Project Date(s): 7/07-6/12

Project Title: Center for Healthy Youth Development
Funding Agency: CDC
Role: Co-I
Project Date(s):9/04-9/09

Project Title: Prime Time: Health Promotion for Multiple Risk Behaviors
Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health/ National Institute of Nursing Research
Role: Principal Investigator
Project Date(s): 6/06-3/11

Selected Publications:
Widome, R.,Sieving, R. E.,, Harpin, S., Hearst, M. (2008). Neighborhodd connection and violence in adolescents.Journal of Adolescent Health, 43(5), 482-489.

Garcia, C., Skay, C.,Sieving, R. E.,Naughton, S., Bearinger, L. (2008). Family and racial factors associated with suicide and emotional distress among Latino students.Journal of School Health, 78(9), 487-495.

Duke, N.,Sieving, R. E., Pettingell, S., Skay, C. (2008). Associations between health screening questions and sexual risk behaviors in adolescent female clinic patients: identifying a brief question format to yield critical information.Clinical Pediatrics, 47(6), 564-572.

Sieving, R. E., Widome, R. (2008). Towards preventing youth violence: Engaging urban middle school students in community service learning.CURA Reporter, 38(1), 12-17.

Widome, R.,Sieving, R. E., Secor-Turner, M. (2008). Young adolescent responses to different question formats assessing race/ethnicity (letter to the editor).Journal of Adolescent Health, 42(2), 421.

Sieving, R. E., Bearinger, L., Resnick, M., Pettingell, S., Skay, C. (2007). Adolescent dual method use: Relevant attitudes, normative beliefs and self-efficacy. Journal of Adolescent Health, 40(3), 275.e15-275.e22.

Eisenberg, M., Bearinger, L., Sieving, R. E., Swain, C., Resnick, M. (2006). Parent communication with adolescents about sexual behavior: A missed opportunity for prevention? Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 35(6), 893-902.

Sieving, R. E., Eisenberg, M. E., Pettingell, S., & Skay, C. (2006). Friends' influence on adolescents' first sexual intercourse. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 38(1), 13-19.

Sieving, R. E., Hellerstedt, W., Fee, R., McNeely, C., Snyder, J., Resnick, M. (2005). Reliabiltity of self-reported contraceptive use and sexual behaviors among adolescent girls. Journal of Sex Research, 42(2), 159-167.

Eisenberg, M., Swain, C., Bearinger, L., Sieving, R. E., Resnick, M. (2005). Parental notification laws for minors' access to contraception: What do parents say? Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, 159, 120-125.

Garwick, A., Nerdahl, P., Banken, R., Bretl, L., Sieving, R. E. (2004). Risk and protective factors for sexual risk taking among adolescents involved in Prime Time. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 19(5), 340-350.

Eisenberg, M. E., Bearinger, L. H., Sieving, R. E., Swain, C., & Resnick, M. D. (2004). Parents' beliefs about condoms and oral contraceptives: Are they medically accurate? Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 36(2), 50-57.

Sieving, R., Resnick, M., Fee, R., Oliphant, J., Pettingell, S., Russ, P., et al. (2003). Prime Time: A youth development approach to preventing negative sexual health outcomes [Abstract]. Journal of Adolescent Health, 32(2), 154.

McNeely C, Shew M, Beuhring T, Sieving R, Miller B, Blum R (2002). Mothers' influence on adolescents' sexual debut. Journal of Adolescent Health, 31(3), 256-265.

Sieving R, Beuhring T, Resnick M, Shew M, Bearinger L, Ireland M, Blum R (2001). Development of adolescent self-report measures from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. Journal of Adolescent Health, 28(1), 73-81.

Hellerstedt W, Fee R, McNeely C, Sieving R, Shew M, Resnick M (2001). Pregnancy feelings among adolescents awaiting pregnancy test results. Public Health Reports, 116, 180-193.

Sieving R, Maruyama G, Williams C, Perry C (2000). Pathways to adolescent alcohol use: Potential mechanisms of parent influence. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 10(4), 489-514.

Sieving R, McNeely C, Blum R (2000). Maternal expectations, mother-child connectedness, and adolescent sexual debut. Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, 154, 809-816.

Sieving R, Perry C, Williams C (2000). Do friendships change behaviors--or--do behaviors change friendships? Directions of influence in adolescent alcohol use. Journal of Adolescent Health, 26(1), 27-35.

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Sieving R (1988). The timing of the measles vaccine in sub-Saharan Africa. International Nursing Review, 35, 17-20.

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