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On this page you will find asthma education and resources to help you care for preschool children with asthma. Click on blue letters to find web sites that you are interested in.

Answers to common asthma questions

Information is in English, Hmong and Spanish with audio clips. This is also a resource you can share with parents.

  • Click here for asthma information in English.
  • Haga click aquí para información en Español.
  • Nias no yog xav paub mob hawb pob ua lus Hmoob/Hmong.
  • "Caring for Kids with Asthma"

    This is a PowerPoint slide presentation for childcare providers. Topics include:
         Understanding asthma
         Recognizing asthma symptoms
         Asthma triggers
         Asthma medications
         Asthma action plans

  • Caring for Kids with Asthma PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Childcare training curriculum

    This is a "train the trainer" manual to aid presentation of the "Caring for Kids with Asthma" slides (PDF format).

  • Caring for Kids with Asthma - Child Care Training Curriculum Guide
  • What are triggers and how can I help children with asthma avoid them?

    Learn what kinds of things can cause asthma episodes to start. Find information about triggers including secondhand smoke, germs, dust, odors, and mold.

  • Click here for information about asthma triggers and how to avoid them.
  • How asthma friendly is your childcare setting?

    Complete a checklist to prepare for a child with asthma in the classroom.

  • "Making your childcare setting asthma-friendly" checklist.
  • What are asthma action plans?

    Learn about asthma action plans and how to use them.

  • Sample Asthma Action Plan in English
  • Sample Asthma Action Plan in Spanish
  • Child-friendly Asthma Action plan in English
  • Can I see a video about asthma in different languages?

    Asthma videos are available in Hmong, Spanish, Somali or Vietnamese with English subtitles.

    Instructions; Click on the (triangle shapes) next to the words "Choose a show from this list" for the language you prefer. Then scroll down and click on "Asthma and Respiratory Diseases." The video will open up in a new screen. Note: Your computer will need to have speakers to hear the sound.

    Click below for a link to the TPT / ECHO Television website:

    How do medications help with asthma?

    Two main types of medicine are used to control asthma. Asthma medications are either "Controllers" or "Relievers". It's important to follow the health care provider's instructions on which types of medicines to give them, and how much to give.

    Controller medications (such as Advair or Pulmicort) work slowly, over days and weeks. Controller medicines help prevent coughing and wheezing from starting in the first place. This medication should be taken every day, even when the child is healthy.

    Reliever medicines (like albuterol nebulizer treatments) work quickly, within minutes, to open a child's breathing tubes.

    This is why Reliever medicines are used for asthma attacks. This medicine should be given right away when the child is having symptoms of asthma, such as coughing, wheezing, or shortness of breath.

    Children often need BOTH Controller and Reliever medicines. All medications should be given strictly according to guidelines provided by the child's health care provider.

  • Click here for more information about asthma medications
  • How do I use and take care of the asthma medication equipment?

    Here is information about metered dose inhalers, spacers and nebulizers.

  • Care and Cleaning of Metered Dose Inhaler
  • Care and Cleaning of Spacers
  • Nebulizer Care and Cleaning
  • How do I find more information?

    Recommended web sites:

  • Minnesota Asthma Information Center, American Lung Association of Minnesota
  • Asthma videos, links, and fact sheets from the Minnesota Department of Health.

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