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Agnes Dempster Scholarship
Established by Ruth Weise ('46 BSN) and friends in memory of Agnes "Nan" Dempster, a 1962 MS in neurosurgery U of MN graduate. Born in Scotland, Dempster's clinical interest was maternity. She also served on the Board of Nursing and worked with continuing education. Supports a currently enrolled nursing graduate student (master's or doctoral) who has completed at least 12 credits of graduate study and has at least a 3.50 GPA in graduate-level courses.

Beatrice L. Witt Scholarship
Established by the late Beatrice L. Witt ('28 BSN) to provide awards to nursing students in the doctoral or master's programs.

Bentson Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarship
Supports students enrolled in the U of M School of Nursing, studying in the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program. Preference will be given to students interested in serving under-served populations, and students must remain in good academic standing to continue receiving the scholarship. Selection of recipients will be under the direction of the Office of Academic Programming the School of Nursing.

Claire Nelson and Nancy Schamber Student Nurse-Midwife Scholarship*
Created to honor Claire Nelson's and Nancy Schamber's retirement after 25 years of co-directing the Hennepin County Medical Center's Nurse-Midwife Service. The scholarship will support full-time DNP students in the School of Nursing's nurse-midwifery program, in good academic standing, who demonstrate exceptional potential in their field.

Cynthia Kelley O'Neill Scholarship for Psychiatric Nursing
Funded by the Margaret H. and James E. Kelley Foundation in memory of the foundation's visionary president, Cynthia Kelley O'Neill, to support students pursuing graduate studies at the master's or doctoral level in psychiatric mental health nursing.

Dorothy C. Calafiore Scholarship
Created by the late Dorothy Calafiore to provide scholarships for students pursuing professional nursing degrees through the School of Nursing who are advancing their preparation by enrolling in required and/or elective classes in the School of Public Health.

Eloise Bringgold Reichert Scholarship
The late Romaine R. Reichert established this scholarship in loving memory of Eloise, his wife and a 1923 BSN graduate. It is awarded to current graduate students in the Public Health Nursing area of study.

Florence Julian Memorial Scholarship
M. Isabel Harris, Dean Emerita of the School of Nursing, established this scholarship in memory of her friend, Florence Julian ('44 BSN, '52 MSN). It is awarded to graduate nursing students with demonstrated interest or aptitude in the area of nursing management.

Karen L. Brand Memorial Scholarship
Established by colleagues, friends and family in memory of former faculty member Karen. L. Brand, this scholarship is awarded to nurses advancing their education and professional careers by pursuing Master's degrees.

Kathleen Dineen Nurse-Midwifery Scholarship
Established upon her retirement by faculty and friends in recognition of Ms. Dineen's distinguished service to the School's midwifery program. Awarded to a current student by the Nurse-Midwifery program faculty.

M. Isabel Harris Scholarship

Created by friends and family in memory of Isabel Harris, School of Nursing dean from 1969-1975, and an estate gift from Dr. Harris to provide scholarships for professional nursing students

Mary K. and Cyrus A. Field Scholarship - Professional*
Created by the late Mary Field to provide payments to full-time professional students in the School of Nursing. Awards are for new students with academic promise. The awards are renewable pending satisfactory progress toward the professional nursing degree. The award may be used to cover the cost of tuition, fees, and academic books.

Nottage Scholarship for Graduate Nursing Education
Supports students pursuing post-graduate degrees in the School of Nursing. Funds are awarded at the discretion of the Dean.

Pauline A. Vincent Scholarship
The late Pauline A. Vincent ('56 MPH) established this scholarship to support nursing students majoring in public health nursing. Awards are based on academic excellence and financial need.

Shirley A. Berglund Nursing Scholarship*
Created by Shirley A. Berglund ('61 BSN) to provide support for new full-time professional students in the School of Nursing with preference given to baccalaureate-prepared nurses currently practicing at Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul, MN who have an interest in advancing their nursing education and the goal of becoming nurse practitioners. At the discretion of the Dean of Nursing, scholarships can be renewable to the initial student recipient(s).

Veronica Pec Gault Memorial Scholarship
Created by the late Patricia L. Gault ('65 BSN, '67 MA) in loving memory of her devoted mother and in grateful recognition of Veronica's inspiring role as the loving caregiver of the Gault family. Provides scholarships for graduate level nursing students preparing for careers in geriatric health care delivery

Violet A. Shea Nursing Scholarship/Fellowship
The late Violet A. Shea created this scholarship through her estate to enhance the recruitment of high ability graduate nursing students with a preference for supporting doctoral students.


Amy Wenger Fellowship in Pediatric Nursing
Established in memory of Amy Wenger ('04 MS) by her family and friends to provide an outstanding nursing student with support to pursue graduate studies in nursing. Inspired by Amy's devotion, the primary focus will be students at the master's or PhD level who are preparing to work with children who have special health care needs.

Barbara Helene Slivken Rich Fellowship
Created in memory of Barbara Rich by her loving family to support full-time students in the School of Nursing who have an interest in oncology or hematology and are pursuing degrees at the master's or doctorate of nursing practice (DNP) level. Recipients shall be in good academic standing with exceptional potential in their field and demonstrated financial need.

Connie White Delaney Fellowship in Nursing Innovation
Created by the School of Nursing's 10th dean, Connie White Delaney, for nursing students pursuing graduate studies at the Master's or Ph.D. level who demonstrate a passion in their research for innovation and advancement in health care and nursing practice.

Cynthia Kelley O'Neill & Louise Muller Fellowship in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
Established by the Margaret H. and James E. Kelley Foundation in memory of the foundation's visionary president, Cynthia Kelley O'Neill, and her cousin, Louise Muller, an international pioneer in psychiatric nursing, to support the work of a graduate student doing research in psychiatric mental health nursing.

Delphie Fredlund Fellowship in Public Health Nursing
Created in memory of Professor Delphie Fredlund ('59 MPH) by family, friends and colleagues to provide outstanding graduate students with support to pursue an advanced degree in public health nursing with an emphasis on leadership in public health nursing. 

Dora Stohl Fellowship in Nursing Leadership
Established by the late Dora Stohl ('41 BSN, '56 MS) through her estate to provide support for outstanding students pursuing a nursing degree at the master's or Ph.D. level. Priority is given to graduate students who demonstrate skill and interest in nursing leadershipengagement withthe School of Nursing's Katharine J. Densford International Center for Nursing Leadership is encouraged.

Eileen Vinnes Kalow Fellowship in Children's Health
Established by Eileen Kalow ('71 BSN) in honor of Professor Barbara Leonard, this fellowship supports doctoral students preparing dissertations and pursuing careers dedicated to serving children through healthcare research or teaching. A preference will be given to doctoral students with financial need who have completed preliminary exams. Recipients should demonstrate passion for the nursing profession.

Helen Colby Fellowship in Intercultural Health
Established by the late Helen Colby ('51 BSN) and School of Nursing faculty and alumni to promote access to regional and cultural health in nursing. It will provide support for graduate students pursuing master's degrees in nursing.

Joanne Disch Fellowship in Gerontological Nursing Leadership
With a lead gift from AARP, this fellowship honors Dr. Disch, retired Director of the Katharine J. Densford Center for Nursing Leadership and past holder of the Katherine R. and C. Walton Lillehei Chair in Nursing Leadership. The fellowship supports PhD nursing students preparing for leadership roles in shaping health care for the aging population. 

Lois and George Warp Fellowship in Nursing Research
Created by George Warp and his late wife Lois ('38 BSN) to advance nursing research for the ultimate benefit of patient care. Priority is given to graduate students pursuing nursing degrees at the PhD level as a means of enhancing their ability to conduct nursing research for the improvement of health and health care delivery.

Lucille Casas Paradela International Fellowship
Established by Lucille Paradela-Fernandez ('54 BSN) to support full-time graduate students enrolled in School of Nursing. In accordance with the donor's wishes, recipients will be selected according to the following guidelines: 1) GPA of 3.0 or better, 2) evidence of community service experience, and 3) a strong connection to or demonstrated interest in the Philippines and the Filipino culture as evidenced by criteria such as but not limited to students who are: residents of the Philippines, of Filipino ancestry, speakers of Filipino dialect, or passionate about providing leadership to advance healthcare for the Filipino population.

M and M Fellowship in Gerontological Nursing
Created as a tribute to retired professors Muriel Ryden ('53 BSN, '82 PhD) and Mariah Snyder ('78 PhD), the M and M Fellowship provides outstanding graduate students with support to pursue nursing research in the area of gerontology.

Marilee A. Miller Fellowship in Educational Leadership
Established in honor of Marilee Miller ('81 PhD) and her 2003 retirement as associate dean at the School of Nursing. Provides fellowships for nursing students pursuing graduate degrees. Primarily for students preparing for a role in education as a faculty member or as a clinical educator. Students with interests in oncology or primary care as a nurse practitioner may also be considered.

Mary Lou Christensen Research Fellowship in Public Health Nursing
Established by Mary Lou Christensen ('76 MPH) to provide a fellowship that will support research graduates or professional students studying nursing with an interest in research relating to public health nursing and who demonstrate financial need and academic merit.

Nancy L. Cook Fellowship
Established by the late Dr. Nancy L. Cook ('48 BSN) in appreciation for the School's role in preparing for her professional career and for the furthering of her knowledge through her years of teaching. Dr. Cook helped found the Department of Nursing at California State University, Bakersfield, CA. This fellowship provides support for graduate students pursuing PhD degrees in nursing.

Nursing Research Fellowship
An anonymous donor established this fellowship to provide funding for graduate students in nursing who are advancing health care research.

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Fellowship
Created to provide support for a nursing student who is pursuing studies in psychiatric mental health to assist with a study or research project in the field.

Rahr Fellowship in Nursing Research
Established by the Rahr Foundation, this fellowship provides an outstanding student with support to pursue graduate studies in nursing research for the purpose of enhancing health care delivery. Research priorities include: 1) providing innovation in health care delivery through nursing leadership and service, 2) promoting the health of children and adults with disabilities and special needs, 3) improving the quality of life and care for chronically ill individuals and their families, 4) improving the access and quality of health dare through nursing interventions, and 5) designing and evaluating community-based programs related to topics such as child passenger safety, home visitation programs, the prevention of hearing loss, tobacco cessation, and violence prevention.

Roxanne Struthers Fellowship
Created to commemorate Professor Roxanne Struthers' passing into the Spirit World and to support graduate students in nursing with the intention of building upon Professor Struthers' legacy and work with the American Indian community.

Theresa V. James Fellowship in Child & Family Health
Named in memory of Theresa V. James ('33 BSN), this fellowship supports graduate students conducting research focused on: 1) promoting the health of childbearing and child-rearing families, 2) improving the quality of life for children with special health care needs and their families, 3) health promotion with vulnerable adolescents, 4) improving the access and quality of care for children and families from diverse cultural backgrounds, and 5) designing and evaluating community-based, population-focused interventions related to topics such a child passenger safety, home visitation programs, prevention of hearing loss, tobacco cessation, and violence prevention. Recipients must be a member of the Center for Child and Family Health Promotion.

Wladimir & Paulina Zenkovich Nursing Fellowship
Established by Anna Zenkovich and her late sister Helen ('48 BSN) in honor of their parents to support students pursuing graduate studies in public health nursing or nurse anesthesia.


 *Once awarded, these scholarships may be renewable to qualified recipients the following year.

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